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Founded in 1991, MET-Rx® Engineered Nutrition revolutionized the sports nutrition industry with a high protein, meal replacement shake fortified with an exclusive protein blend called Metamyosyn®. Developed by a physician based on metabolic research, Metamyosyn® protein is a highly bio-available fuel that supports muscle and strength.*

Metamyosyn® changed sports nutrition forever when it was introduced to the world's top athletes and celebrities. Now a new generation is testing the limits of their bodies' potential and nutrition is playing a crucial role in the evolution of sport. Athletes are breaking down the barriers of possibility by going faster, higher, and pushing their bodies further than ever imagined.

Today, MET-Rx offers a diverse range of products engineered for the next generation of athletes - all those who use state-of-the-art nutrition to achieve their goals and who never, ever accept limits of mind, body or spirit. MET-Rx full line of supplements includes products for:

  • Muscle Mass & Strength
  • Exercise Recovery & Repair
  • Muscle Tone & Energy
  • Performance Supplements

MET-Rx continues to be on the cutting-edge of sports nutrition with a new, custom publication appropriately named MET-Rx Magazine. With a circulation of over 100,000 copies, the magazine features winning editorial for the health and fitness industry, and is specifically designed to showcase the brands athletes, products and events. MET-Rx Magazine will be distributed at all major shows and competitions, or you can sign up to receive your FREE copy at

At MET-Rx we promote vigorous health by making advanced nutrition easier, more convenient and more effective than ever before. So what better way to support our customers than with a brand new magazine, specifically designed with their health and fitness goals in mind?

MET-Rx products, along with the new MET-Rx Magazine, is dedicated to providing our customers with quality, results-oriented nutrition and continued education.

MET-Rx Engineered Nutrition. For the Best Shape of Your Life!


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