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Executive Multi-Vitamin

The Exectutive Matrix

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, adults take four (4) tablets daily preferably with a meal.

Product Info

A potent, nutrient dense formula designed to assist high endurance athletes, bodybuilders and the average weekend warrior with muscle recovery and the many stresses of daily life. The mix of scientifically blended amino acids, antioxidants, B-vitamins, and homeopathic herbs work synergistically to allow for the rapid repair of muscle damage brought about by resistance training, high impact sports, and the stress of physical labor.

Additionally, the B-vitamins contained in the Executive Matrix are used for more efficient nutrient absorption, rapid mood stimulation and energy production through enhanced ATP synthesis because of its quick absorption into the blood stream.

We all know exercise is good for the aging process but new information shows there is one negative factor involved. Exercise (as well as environmental stressors) causes elevated aerobic metabolism, which causes the production of nasty molecules known as free radicals. The aging process gets put on the fast track with high free radical production because of their ability to damage and compromise the functionality of the body’s cells. Free radicals are scavenged from the body by substances known as antioxidants, which the Executive Matrix contains in copious amounts. In fact, this amazing product not only contains a blend of the most important antioxidants but also the most powerful antioxidant, known as L-Glutathione.

With Executive Matrix Tab not only will you be able to recover more quickly after your workouts but you will also markedly increase your feeling of well-being, enhance energy levels, maximize the immune system, aid in digestion, and rid your body of damaging free radicals.


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