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PlasmaJet by Gaspari Nutrition

Gaspari Nutrition Presents: PlasmaJet
Liquid Nitric Oxide!

Myotrophic Hyperexpansion Growth Kit For Oral Use!

After almost 2 years in development, the most intense and effective nitric oxide boosting product ever seen or sold in the sports supplement industry... and we mean EVER, is here. We knew the last thing this industry needed was another "me too" NO product, but when you come across something so unique and so powerful that its bound to obliterate an entire category, what choice did we have. This is not just about instant gratification…its about big gains - now and down the road. Sure PlasmaJet™ will increase definition and vascularity, but also size, strength and endurance on a level previously unattainable by ANY other nitric oxide mediated sports supplement EVER! Finally, a Nitric Oxide product that will really take your physique to new heights... and not just for a few fleeting hours or a few days. Forget your previous experience or preconceived notions about what NO products can or can't do. You'll be amazed at what PlasmaJet™ will do for you!

Instant Myotrophic Hyperexpansion Growth Kit

* Massive Muscle Pumps
* Increases Gains in Lean Muscle Mass, Strength and Stamina
* Increased Vascularity
* Stimulates Glycogen Building in Skeletal Muscle
* Maximum Vasodilation
* Increased Uptake of Amino Acids and Other Nutrients
* Post Cycle Therapy Powerhouse

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