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Novedex XT by Gaspari Nutrition

Naturally Helps The Body Increase Testosterone Production!

Gaspari Nutrition, the name you trust, has done it again with Novedex XT™. This amazing non-anabolic and non-androgenic supplement yields great results. Novedex XT™ helps significantly increase natural testosterone production and minimize the production of any and all estrogens in the body. With its unprecedented 1-2 punch, this product is an effective natural way to trigger a potent and sustained physiological response in order to gain lean mass, strength and endurance while helping to achieve that dry and ripped look. Novedex XT™ - another fine product from Gaspari Nutrition™. The brand that works.

Muscles grow and fat decreases in proportion to blood levels of testosterone (particularly free testosterone). Testosterone triggers the development of satellite cells in muscles that result in more cell nuclei per muscle cell. Cells store genetic material in the nucleus, which directs the cells to make new protein. Increasing the number of nuclei in a muscle cell makes it easier to produce new muscle protein, which assists in the development of muscle size and strength. Testosterone also increases the size of motor nerves, which explains the increase in power commonly experienced by many athletes.

Testosterone Builds Muscle and Cuts Fat

Low testosterone levels cause reduced muscle mass, bone loss, and altered sleep patterns.

Novedex XT® Facts & FAQs

What is Novedex XT?

Novedex XT® is a proprietary blend of naturally occurring, anti-aromatase inhibiting compounds. These compounds have been demonstrated to have an upward modulating effect on testosterone levels and a downward or static modulating effect on estrogen.

How is Novedex XT™ taken or used?

If you have never used Novedex XT® we suggest starting out using two (2) capsules of Novedex XT® per night. We suggest trying this for 30 days before making any changes upwards in dosing. If after 14 days you are not seeing the desired results, you may opt to increase the dosage to 3-4 capsules per day. Experienced users interested in adding lean mass can begin taking 4 Novedex XT® capsules per night for up to six (6) weeks. You should never, under any circumstances, exceed four (4) capsules of Novedex XT® nor should you ever, under any circumstances, use Novedex XT® for longer than six (6) weeks duration without a four (4) week "break" unless explicitly directed to do so by your physician or licensed health care provider.

Who should not use Novedex XT®?

Under no circumstances should any women or any person under the age of 21 years use Novedex XT® for ANY reason whatsoever and the use of Novedex XT® is absolutely contraindicated in these populations. The following people should not use Novedex XT® without the express written permission of their physician -Anyone who has ever had any type of cancer, benign prostatic hypertrophy, liver or kidney disease, any cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure or high cholesterol, anyone who is currently being treated with hormone replacement therapy and anyone who has been or is being treated for any psychological or psychiatric problems. You MUST consult with your physician or licensed health care provider before you use Novedex XT®.

Can Novedex XT™ be used for PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)?

PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) for treatment of any type of hypogonadism or symptoms associated with the use of anabolic steroids should only be implemented by a physician or licensed health care provider - preferably an individual or team with extensive experience in this aspect of endocrinology. Why your physician or licensed health care provider might consider Novedex XT® as part of a treatment strategy for ameliorating the effects of anabolic steroid use, we can not legally recommend the use of Novedex XT® for the treatment or diagnosis of any medical condition. Please talk to your physician or licensed health care provider for more information. We encourage you to be forthright and honest with your health care team.

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